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For a while now technology has been the buzzword and I am thrilled that at Marvel Events we are officially able to offer our clients a super slick, super efficient Eventing App. If you are technologically resistant you might think the idea of an Eventing App is a big idea to swallow (and afford), but keep calm and read further.

So many things can go wrong when planning an event; one needs to be constantly juggling a million balls all at once. With our web based app we are giving our clients just one more offering that will ensure peace of mind. Take a squizz at what the app can do!

Invitation delivery

Most event managers will agree that the greatest administrative nightmare is the invitation delivery and rsvp process! On our eventing platform, when invitations are distributed, each guest will receive a personalized non-transferrable ID code for safety and security. This means the link cannot be forwarded or duplicated thereby keeping the data accurate and safe and your guest number count contained. It can also record whether an invitation has been successfully delivered (tracking it right down to the delivery time and the device it was received on) to the uploading of itineraries. Our system is able to correlate all of this information to ensure we can plan and manage an event efficiently.

RSVP if you please…

It is imperative that the RSVP process is seamless and professional as it is the first contact guests have with your event. It also sets the tone and records the most vital information about the guests, who are after all the main component of the event. With the Eventing app all this will be a breeze. With a click of a button, you can state your interest and get access to the app, which offers, amongst other mind-blowing features, the option to save the event to your calendar and specifying your dietary requirements.

Customised just for you!

We know that no two events are the same and so does our app! As a result it can be customised depending on the requirements of the event and can include any of the following smart features:

  • Event venue addresses, maps, directions

  • Onsite registration

  • Speaker profiles upload

  • Presentation upload (good bye print outs!)

  • Interactive chat (between guests or between guest and organizer)

  • Picture galleries (guests can share their selfies, or the official event pictures can be uploaded)

  • Live polling

  • Post event surveys

And the cherry on top? It is cost effective! Developing an app can cost an entire event budget, but this web based app offers the benefits of being affordable, efficient and fully customizable.

Never have I ever been so excited about technology! If you would like to have a more detailed conversation about the app or a quote, contact me on

This is the Godsend to Eventing!

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