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Event Planning. Many people’s worst nightmare. My full time job!

Something about producing an event so beautiful and creative out of anxiety and perceived chaos makes me love this highly stressful and insanely competitive industry. As an event manager, a normal day can include briefing graphic designers, carrying out site visits with a technical team, running back to the office to pen copy for an invite, conceptualizing a launch and creating tailor-made team building experiences for a corporate client. It is not an odd sight to see me washing dishes at a function either if the need calls for it.

But that’s the appeal of this job. Trying to find order in all of this is a skill, and precisely what I thrive on. As a professional dancer who also studied a corporate degree, I suppose I have always been after that experience of contrasts. Never quite pinning down which side of my brain was stronger. Event management certainly does quench this need for shifting gears at rapid speeds.

At the beginning of this year I found my entrepreneurial “balls” and I launched a new venture, Marvel Events. What do we do? We are what you would call a one-stop-marvelous-shop when it comes to all things events!

Some of the areas we excel in include: 

  • Event Management

  • Event Website Development

  • RSVP Management

  • Technical and AV

  • Entertainment

  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Venue scouting

While that list covers a wide variety of needs we realize that there are some of you out there with more particular needs and so what we don’t have under our direct roof we have a kick ass team of preferred suppliers that spend a great deal of their time burning the midnight oil in a bid to creating spectacular experiences with us!

It’s hard to believe we are already more than halfway through the year, (time flies when you are running off your feet), but that also means end of year functions are nearly upon us so get ahead of the pack and lets start planning something to remember! For more information or quotes email

Find us at or like us on Facebook to get a glimpse of some of our magic.

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